0217-9 – Various – Zearla

Employing over a quarter of a million full time staff and owning sole mineral rights to some forty nine planets, the Wreaken Corporation can be found throughout most of the frontier and Federation Worlds. / Tobias Wreaken was a coal miner from old Earth. His company adopted a cautious and steady approach to its work and this won them a large number of contracts in the early space industry. Wreaken’s descendants saw massive opportunities in the Colonial Charter policy of the Federation and few Colonial missions set off without a Wreaken representative and Wreaken equipment.
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0233 – Imperial Internal Security Service Duties – Vequess

The Imperial Internal Security Service (or IISS “Double I, Double S”) reports directly to the Emperor and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire. In some respects they act as a coutner balance to the Imerpial Navy and have the authority to investigate any individual, unit or organisation. They oprate in quite a secretive fashion as the nature of their investigations tend to be for corruption or abuse of power. and they are generally feared, as by some they are seen as unaccountable. It has, from time to time, been associated with espionage within the Empire. They act on behalf of the Emperorm and that is their allegiance. They do the Emperor’s bidding. On occassion that has been to investigate the IDC.
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0149-0150,0155,0234 – Various – Facece

In 3104 a permanent military training base was established on Peter’s Wreck in the Facece system. Facece had always been known for its strong support and commitment to training the Empire’s finest, but the dedicated base signalled a new fervour for military renewal. This renewal was tested when in 3114, the scientists of Nesbitt Landing in Alioth began demonstrating substantial innovations in robotic manufacture and production.
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0132-3,0141,0185,0189,0192,214-6 – Various Tourist Beacons – Ackwada

In 2865, a request from the Rockforth Corporation reached the Emperor for assistance in the Ackwada system against the Federation. At the promise of substantial financial reward a battlegroup was assembled to respond. / Officially, the appointed leader of this flotilla, one Samuel Lanner, was an independent trader and privateer. / The clash between the Federation and Lanner’s forces remained limited and the Federal fleet withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid up as promised and signed a contract with Lanner’s privateers to guarantee the defence of the system.
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