0039 – Strong G – HD 148937

Well damn it, well over 9g on this purple hell planet. It was brown trouser time immediately and there was me thinking the last planet was hairy! Sadly this scan and failed landing cost an escape pod so nothing for the family album.

0036 - Strong G - HD 148937
This huge planet in a system with multiple stars, providing once-in-a-lifetime vistas, was suggested by Commander Red Anders. This destination is definitely one for the adventure tourists. The less experienced should be careful of the planet’s strong gravity!

Wherever Cmdr Red Anders is he needs to get over here now with his scrubbing brush and help me clean this cockpit!

0009 – Ammonia Rings – Aucoks OH-D B18-3

Needing to clean through the Anaconda’s engines I was ready for a slightly longer journey, plotting a course for Aucoks OH-D B18-3 to see these Ammonia Rings for myself. Travelling 1891.47ly from Sol as suggest by Cmdr Arkadi Kreven and engines clean I think it was worth the journey.

0009 - Ammonia Rings - Aucoks OH-D B18-3
This rare treasure of an ammonia planet with a ring system was suggested by Commander Arkadi Kreven.

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Sol – Tourist beacons

Getting round these has kept me busy, thankfully not all systems have so many. I believe there are more to find  as for now I am on the hunt for the  first series which means I need to come home at some point but for now it’s time to leave the systems and get into the black….


0087 - Cradle of Humanity
The planet Earth is the cradle of humanity. As such it has experienced times of terrible destruction, through war and ecological disaster. Since the 22nd century humanity has expanded from its hime into the stars, and with much of the damage the planet’s ecosphere had suffered has since been repaired. The planet is now a popular travel destination and is a lush and vibrant world.


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