Distant Worlds 2 – Day 520 – Aether Nebula

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37
Distance To Sol – 28096.49ly
Distance From Beagle Point – 38848.4ly
Distance travelled – 261038.5ly
Jumps – 3340

So here I am hanging out in the center of the Aether Nebula, I’d love to say it had been an easy run down from Rattla on my journey home from Beagle Point following the Voyager Trail and had the last week or so events happen even a few 1000lys further out my journey would have come to and end.

Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37 (Aether Nebula)

So I’m first going to have to disclose that I had help after a moment of stupidity, I did the unspeakable and had to reach out to Frontier as I had managed to get myself in an untenable position and needed a little 4ly push to one side but it takes nothing away from the journey and other than the slight relocation no further help was provided. Let me explain…

Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37 (Aether Nebula)

Medium-sized nebula. Located over 2000 light years above the galactic plane, this nebula contains a few neutrons and white dwarfs. The Aether Nebula is named after one of the primordial deities of Greek mythology, being the personification of the pure upper air that the gods breathed – particularly apt for the nebula’s position in the galaxy.

Reference: Link

An error of Judgement

So having prepared to leave Rattla and make my way to the Aether Nebula the first jump required a Neutron Star boost, always slightly edgy but welcome as it gives me a range of around 280ly, I lined up on the tail, charged the FSD and just as I was leaving went to hit the jump button on my HOTAS. Muscle memory is a fine thing but it does fail so instead of hitting jump I managed to drop out of cruise straight into the remanence of the Neutron Star. A number of things happen at this point, modules start to fail, hull starts to crumble and ultimately the canopy blows out…….

So with 2 x AFMU working hard to maintain a small level thrust I managed to maneuver my Anaconda to a point where I was able to repair as fast as the ship was getting damaged and could survive long enough to plan my next move.

A little Help

So as mentioned above I had to reach out for help, I was unable to move, canopy blown and the majority of the ship in tatters including a 0% powerplant which would only be resolved by a full ship reboot which could only happen if I was moved away from my current location.

So an email was sent which I imagine this will be significantly controversial but anyone who has been out in space for this long will understand the loss would be unmeasurable. I received a reply in a few to say I had been moved to an adjacent system. Very generous and a courtesy on their part and a relief on mine.

Repair and Safety

So I guess this leads nicely into probably the most tense few hours I have played since launch back in 2014, having repaired the ship as best I could and refreshing the emergency air supply every 6mins (yes it has 7.5mins of air but it takes time for synthesis) I rebooted the ship and repair the powerplant to around 3%. It wasn’t a lot but it was going to be enough to get to Explorers Anchorage.

It’s worth pointing out that without a canopy you have no HUD which poses challenges around fuel scooping and navigating. I used the map gimble in the most part to line up the next jump and very slowly scooped fuel. On every 5 or 6th Jump I needed to refresh the Emergency Air supply but we made it.

I really did limp in to the station, auto dock felt like the safest option and I have never been so happy to be on the ground. Honestly a true adventure and am privilege to have been able to do it as a light second either way and everything would have been lost.

Once repaired I made the decision to sell my exploration data which by now had become very precious this made me well over half a billion credits but more importantly tagged my name on discoveries for future pilots to discover safe in the knowledge I found it first.

So a day or so later I upped my landing gear and head back out into the black and arrived where I am today to continue my journey home to Sol. Not really how I had planned it but it was nice to be back where there was space chatter, other ships and relative safety albeit for on a few hours.

So now my next destination is Phroea Ploe Nebula Cluster which I will emabrk on in the next few days.

Fly safe commanders

Cmdr Chuffa

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