Distant Worlds 2 – Day 504 – Rattla

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Rotheau SZ-O e6-895
Distance To Sol – 31699.33ly
Distance From Beagle Point – 35366.8ly
Distance travelled – 261018.2ly
Jumps – 3475

Elite Dangerous never ceases to keep you on your toes, whether it be discovering Earth like worlds or leaping into systems between suns and the journey down from Proximity Rock has been more eventful than most.

Hypio Blao TL-F c27-21 – Earth Like World

I have discovered more than my fair share of neutron stars, ELWs and Water worlds during this leg to make even the shortest of exploration journeys extremely worth while. I’m now really starting to draw close to core and from where I am currently located I imagine I’m only 7-9000ly from the Core and Sag-A. The urge to head straight towards Explorers Anchorage and some semblance of safety is strong but I had promised I’d follow the path less travelled.

Lyaisai AS-A b41-35
Lyaisai XD-K d8-667
Blue Peach Nebula from Lyaisai PX-I b23-40
Lyaisai PS-U e2-160 (Blue Peach Nebula) 

Within this planetary nebula, two class F suns with a total of 15 objects in orbit, rotate a small black hole with 2.6 solar masses. It is a so-called green system (all materials required for FSD injections are available) located in the southeast corner of Perseus Stem.

Reference: Link
Dryaa Byio VE-Z e1786

So I sit here now looking back towards the bubble planning my route home as Stage 1 comes to an end at Rattla, as previously divulged I’m looking forward to getting home but I don’t want to get there at the expense of missing sights I am unlike to travel to again.

Rotheau SZ-O e6-895 (Rattla)

A system comprising a Neutron Star aged 12,240 million years, size 0.6 Solar Masses and surface temperature of 2,579,833 K which is orbited by Rotheau SZ-O E6-895 1: A ringed Earth-Like World, size 1.5 Earth masses, radius 6,912 km and surface temperature of 319 K. The gravity on this planet is 1.31G with silicate magma volcanism and is suitable for water-based life. Distance to arrival is 2,492 ls The ring has an inner radius of 13,228km and an outer radius of 40,179km and is pristine metal rich.

Reference: Link

Stage 2 leads me back along a route through a number of Nebula, brains trees and so I’m lead to believe some guardian ruins which will add a much needed change of scenery as well as offering the outside chance of seeing another commander. Overall this is really going to be an exciting end to my Distant worlds expedition.

The Voyager Trail – Stage 2: Rattla to Singularities Playground

The Voyager Trail – Stage 2: Rattla to Singularities Playground

Aether Nebula
GalMap Ref: Eorm Phyloi OY-Z d37

Phroea Ploe Nebula Cluster
GalMap Ref: Phroea Ploe PD-B e2165

Shrogaee Nebula
GalMap Ref: Shrogaae LB-C c14-1067

The Brain Forest
GalMap Ref: Shrogaae KK-A d983

Guardian ruins – Teal Nebula sites
GalMap Ref: Eorl Auwsy SY-Z d13-3468

Singularities Playground
GalMap Ref: Mynoaw AA-A h26​

Cmdr Chuffa

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