Distant Worlds 2 – Day 488 – Proximity Rock

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Bleethuia FF-A e1
Distance To Sol – 41430.08ly
Distance From Beagle Point – 33776.3ly
Distance travelled – 247094.3ly
Jumps – 3319

So I’ve taken another step closer to home having now journeyed the roughly 10000ly to Proximity Rock which upon jumping into the system almost caused irreparable damage to said pilots space shorts. Other travellers should be warned that you will pass in between the Neutron stars which will cause alarm to any casual explorer, at least it kept me awake

Bleethuia FF-A e1 (Proximity Rock)

Located within visual range of the Flyai Flyuae AA-A H20 Nebula, this system presents a semi-uncommon trinary formed between a Class M, a Neutron and a White Dwarf. However that isn’t what makes the system really catch the eye, it’s the first landable object on the nav panel. Only a scant 51 ls away from arrival, relatively close to the dancing trio. It allows for views of all celestial objects with fantastic fidelity.

Overall the journey was uneventful and I was easily distracted by the Gas giants, Rings, the occasional Nebula and as I drew closer to Proximity rock I flew through a Neutron star field which significantly helped cover the distance and provided some much needed change along the way.

Flyai Flyuae XJ-A c2 (‘Flying Flea’ Nebula)

A small-medium sized nebula in the heart of the Scutum-Centaurus arm (4th Quadrant region). It is home to approx. 105 stellar systems, including an Earth-Like World and Water Giant (TEGNAE HT-Z D13-6).

I have made many new discoveries on route, Neutron stars, Earth Like worlds and Water worlds to name a few but my next stop is the Blue Peach Nebula in Lyaisai PS-U e2-160 and then onto Rattla which will draw to a close of Stage 1.

Fachuia II-R d5-3
Chraitee TD-L c23-0
Chraitee TV-L d8-0

Fly Safe commanders!

Cmdr Chuffa

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