Distant Worlds 2 – Day 479 – Sisyphos’ Rock

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Hyiechou AI-J b36-0
Distance To Sol – 52406.16ly
Distance From Beagle Point – 27192.4ly
Distance travelled – 235603.8ly
Jumps – 3187

This marks the first waypoint on my journey home having travelled 9300ly down the east side of the galaxy to the bottom of the Silentium and to the edge of the Tyros Ridge. I have been reminded during this journey of the fragility of the explorer and the constant risk of crashing into a Sun, a slightly higher G landing or the simpler forgetting to synthesise oxygen at the appropriate moment. Honestly gave myself quite scare considering the time investment as well as by now the 1000s of uncharted systems and planets which will at some point will need to be sold, it has been humbling and a definite kick before complacency would have ultimately ended an amazing stella journey extremely quickly.

Hyiechou AI-J b36-0 (Sisyphos’ Rock)

This system contains a volcanic active icy moon, while its parent body itself is a moon orbiting a gas giant. ‘A 2 c a’ is tidally locked to its parent body, allowing for a constant view of the moon A 2 c looming over the geyser site – just like the rock in the Sisyphos myth, being a constant reminder of the futility of life in a seemingly endless universe but in the same vein offering a way to self-realize oneself in it, as the ancient philosopher Camus already put it over 1300 years ago. In addition the gas giant A 2 is also a rare Class 2 on the Sudarsky classification.
The site was discovered in June of 3304 in an effort to locate more geological active sites on this far and less explored side of the galaxy.

So the next leg starts to swing my path towards the core as I travel through the Ascendance to Bleethuia FF-A e1 (Proximity Rock) which is close to The Flying Flea Nebula which given it will be a few jumps seems a worthwhile place to add a few more picture to the family album, I didn’t think I would do but now the Stars are becoming more dense I’m feeling the pull of inhabited space and home.

Geysers on Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0

Cmdr Chuffa

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