Distant Worlds 2 – Day 474 – Voyager’s Reach

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0
Distance To Sol – 61036.57lys
Distance From Beagle Point – 22461.2lys
Distance travelled – 225781.3ly
Jumps – 3059

Having hit the snooze button for 8 months on the cyro-chamber in the back of the Anaconda I’ve emerged refreshed and finally made it across the Silentium Region which was roughly 22000Lys and a fairly remote and lonely time it has been.

Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0 (Voyager’s Reach)

Voyager’s Reach is a star system on the fringes of the galactic rim, within the Upper 4th Quadrant (Delta Quadrant). It marks the beginning of the Voyager Trail.
In January 3304 CMDR Stealthie travelled to this star system and attempted to estimate the location of where the USS Voyager’s journey home began (circa 2371-2378 AD), and chart it back to the Alpha Quadrant.

The Voyager Trail Map: Link
The Voyager Trail: Route Analysis

Most Systems I passed though were undiscovered which means the progress is slow as I’ve laid my stamp in the outer regions but with some refreshed focus, with a need to get back to the bubble and civilisation it’s now time to return home.

Hyphielia QH-K c22-0 (Silentium Shores)

Silentium Shores is thought to be the second of the first two ‘Silentium’ systems surveyed in any great detail (Oct. 3301). This system contains an Earth-Like World, two Water Worlds, and a High Metal Content terraformable. It is also home to an Ammonia World. The region between Centauri Shores and Silentium Shores is reported to have an unusually high concentration of Ammonia type worlds, with thirteen being found during the first tentative survey of this remote region.

As previously documented many months ago I’m going to follow the Voyager Trail expedition as best laid out in the Stella map. The route isn’t necessarily direct but does take me back to where we left some 474 days again.

I’m now definitely looking forward to coming home!

Hyphielie GR-N d6-9 (Teiwaz)

Due to its convenient location, this system was designated as a waypoint for the Sagittarius-Carina Mission before it was surveyed. The name refers to an ancient runic inscription, fitting for a stellar waypoint: “Teiwaz is a guiding star; well does it keep faith with princes; it is ever on its course over the mists of night and never fails” (source).

The main star is a neutron star and there are four landable planets. On the second planet there is an impressive crater inside a mountain which seems to be an inactive volcano.

Landing site : Toter Krater
Orbital body : 2
Surface coordinates : 9.58 / 108.09
Surface Gravity : 0.09g
Byae Briae HE-O c20-0 (Restless Silence)

This system has one Ammonia world and three waterworlds. Located in the Silentium region in the upper area of the Sagittarius Carina arm. The Ammonia world is the most distant planet in the system, located 997LS from the main star.
Reference: Link

Cmdr Chuffa

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