Distant Worlds 2 – Day 99 – Journey to Way Point 12 ( Beagle Point)

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Beagle Point
Distance from Sol – 65279.35lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 0lys
Distance travelled – 196428.2lys
Jumps – 2628

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—Of cabbages—and kings—And why the sea is boiling hot—And whether pigs have wings.”

So commanders, casual interlopers and small furry things from Alpha Centauri we seem to be at journeys end. I decided on Sunday night when the final points of interest were released to make use of a long weekend and make a dash for Beagle Point. Even though the temptation was there I decided to reach the minor Poi’s as efficiently as possible and I wasn’t disappointed.

Nebula, memorials, potato shaped planets and amazing views were the feast for this journey and stirred a number of emotions as we were reminded of the frailty of humanity but also the joy of camaraderie this journey has brought. There really are no words to describe the effort involved by Dr. Kaii, Erimus and all the many, many people involved of making this such a success.

Many commanders are still on their journey to Beagle Point but for me the time has come to turn around and come home to the bubble. There are rumours of a Thargoid invasion, systems burning away into space and new adventures to be had but that is 65000 Light Years away and a journey this time I’ll do alone.

As ever I’ll leave you with the shots for the family album to enjoy while I plot a route to Explorers Anchorage where a much need repair for the ship will be required.

Fly Safe Commanders and see you in the bubble.


Cmdr Chuffa

The Seldowitch Nebula
Thuecheae MT-Q e5-8

A small emission nebula located in the Galactic Aphelion region. It holds a neutron star of 1.88 solar masses in its core. Unfortunately the system holds few other bodies, none of which are landable. The nebula glows in bright spectral lines of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, the glow coming from the intense radiation of the neutron star itself and also from several massive stars in the vicinity.

The nebula is named after White Russian physicist and astronomer Jakow Seldowitch, who studied on the effects of cosmic background radiation, a hot universe and the greater cosmic structures, including black holes.
Fly Trap Nebula
Pyrivo HW-V e2-8

This enticing nebula lures visitors in but the only thing inside is a black hole waiting to swallow them! From within the system the view of the surrounding nebula is beautiful, but it is best viewed from a neighboring system.

This nebula is located just 17.1 LY from the Praei2 permit zone.
Lone Star
Chua Eop ZC-T c20-0

Historical Location
This is the furthest known point that a ‘stock’ Sidewinder reached prior to the ‘Jumponium & Engineering’ era.

The ships’ 11-week journey across the galaxy began in January 3301 and was concluded in March 3301 when it reached the southern edge of the Abyss, 58,770 LYs from Sol, and was unable to go any further due to its limited FSD range.

Ship : “Sneaky Pete”
Pilot : CMDR R4nger0

On the return journey the Sidewinder rendezvoused with another deep space explorer, 43,000 LYs from Sol – and at the time it was the most distant meeting ever recorded during the early days of deep space exploration.

Video : Link
Thomaski Point Memorial
Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0

Thomaski’s Memorial

Named in honour of CMDR Thomaski, a veteran of the Galactic Nebula Expedition of September 3302. CMDR Thomaski had a goal of reaching Beagle Point, and after several attempts he achieved that goal on June 3rd 3303 with only 9% hull remaining.

On his return journey to Colonia, sadly CMDR Thomaski (Bob) passed away. His last known location being Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0 on the edge of the Scutum-Centaurus arm after successfully navigating his way back across the Abyss and into denser regions of the Galactic Aphelion.

In September 3303 Universal Cartographics (Frontier Developments) deployed a memorial beacon at Slaiyooe OX-L d7-0 in honour of this intrepid explorer.

In late September 3303, an expedition to Beagle Point to honour the memory of CMDR Thomaski was organised by CMDRs Harry Palmer and Narzgul, and a flotilla of ships gathered at the Thomaski Point beacon before setting out to cross the Abyss.

Reference : Link
Grand Rings
Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0

The third gas giant of this system has a close-orbiting moon providing spectacular views of the gas giant and ring system. Visitors should note that due to the axial tilts of the gas giant and the moon, and the rotation of each object, the view of the rings will vary over a 5.6-day interval.

The location was designated by Universal Cartographics as a tourist location and a navigational reference is available during visits. The navigational reference, perhaps by accident, is not for a physical marker but a data point located inside the moon; as such you can not approach closer than 1 Mm to the navigational reference.

This is truly a tourist location only for the most serious of explorers or travelers. The system is located 61,318 Ly from Sol and 42,757 Ly from Colonia. Beagle Point lies only 4350 Ly away.


Timelapse Video : Link

“Eclipse and transition to night above Diamond Geysers. Compressed to 4x speed. Fog covers the moons surface as night falls and you can see the rings slowly fade as the shadow moves across them”. – Major Klutz
Distant View in Blue
Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0

This planetary nebula offers a stunning and unique view of the galaxy as seen from the void between the Sagittarius-Carina and Scutum-Centaurus arms.

Reaching this system requires some careful plotting since it is located deep within Route 33. Pilots are advised to read the description of the route carefully and use the designated entry points for this particular crossing of The Abyss.

The system was included as a waypoint in the Sagittarius-Carina Mission.
Calidum Capsicum Annuum (Hot Potato)
Streau Eop ZP-N c23-0

A four star system located on the far side of the Abyss region, not far from routes to and from Beagle Point. Around the primary star there orbits a curiously misshapen orange-red potato-like world. Being only 8 light seconds distant from the star it is being constantly baked; and with an orbital period of just over a day, it is travelling very quickly. Be prepared to chase it if you wish to land on it.

Reference: Link
Myeia Thaa ZE-R d4-0

This system is unique in several respects. Firstly, it contains a ringed Earth-Like World (P.o.d.a.r), secondly this world is blessed with 3 satellite moons, and thirdly its situated on the far edge of the Abyss, making it a possible oasis of life in an otherwise desolate region. Discovered in mid-3301, it is one of only a few ELWs so far located in the Galactic Outer Rim regions.

The first moon of the ELW contains a mountain ridge with a splendid view of the ringed planet, and is included as a landing site for the Sagittarius-Carina Mission.

Landing site : Sierra Stulli
Orbital body : B 11 a
Surface coordinates : 73.85 / -57.82
Surface Gravity : 0.08g

Beagle Point
Beagle Point

Beagle Point, one of the most distant star systems currently surveyed at 65,279 LYs from Sol.

This system marked the end of the line for CMDR ‘Erimus’ Kamzel’s Distant Suns extreme-range survey mission during the very early days of deep space exploration (Dec. 3300 – Jan. 3301), and marked the first recorded galactic crossing (culminating in mid-January 3301).

Unofficially nick-named ‘Beagle Point’ at the time by the exploration community after Kamzel’s intrepid starship that first discovered it (DSS Beagle*), the system has subsequently become a point of interest that has been visited by many explorers conducting their own survey missions of the galactic outer rim regions.

One year after the Distant Suns expedition, the Beagle Point star system was chosen as the final Distant Worlds basecamp, which saw the arrival of over 500 pilots during early April 3302. The Distant Worlds fleet, originally 1,300 strong, were tasked to map out the first galactic highway from Pallaeni to Beagle Point, a 81,500 LY route stretching through the galactic core, across the Aphelion regions, through the Abyss and the Solitude Void, and finally to the Ceeckia sector in which Beagle Point is situated. Despite its remote location, Beagle Point thus became the center of several social events organized by the exploration community, including SRV rallys and air shows.
Also within the system are three other community-named worlds; Randles Rest (P6) – named in memory of a deceased friend of CMDR Patrecleus of the Distant Worlds 3302 Expedition, Maile’s Landing (P7) – named in memory of CMDR Tumor, who passed away during the same expedition, and Tara (P8) – CMDR Tumor’s wife.
In recognition of this star systems historic importance, Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0 was officially designated “Beagle Point” by Universal Cartographics (Frontier Developments) on May 26th 3302.

Link : GalNet (Frontier Developments)
Link : GalNet (YouTube)
The 65000 LY from Sol Club

Why Beagle Point? Beagle Point was pretty much the furthest system an explorer could reach prior to the Anaconda era (Nov. 3300 – Jan 3301) – a period when explorers were flying Cobras and Asps. It was the last system reachable during the first galactic crossing (culminating in mid-Jan 3301).
When Universal Cartographics increased exploration payouts in late January 3301 and introduced the 1,000 LY plotter, Anacondas became more affordable and within weeks were the ship of choice for a lot of deep space explorers – thus making the systems beyond the initial 35 LY max jump ranges reachable. As a consequence Beagle Point’s significance and historical background for being the furthest reachable star system no longer applied and it instead became more noted for being the final system of the first Galactic Crossing during a short period when Asp Explorers reigned and no 1,000 LY route plotter was available to help chart a path to it, or the stars beyond.
The DSS Beagle (stock Asp Explorer, pre-engineering era):
3D Power Plant
4D Thrusters
4D Life Support
3D Power Distributor
5D Sensors
5C Fuel Tank
6C Fuel Scoop
3D Shields
3A AFMU x 2 (offline)
3E Cargo Rack

Approx. jump range 34.5 LYs

*OOC: The DSS Beagle was named in honour of Kamzel’s pet Beagle (Jack), who passed away just prior to the Distant Suns Expedition.
Time to go home…..

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