Distant Worlds 2 – Onward to Waypoint 10

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Phroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454
Distance from Sol – 34239.32 lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 31064.1 lys
Distance travelled – 145828.2 lys
Jumps – 2016

Simple repost of the information from the main thread here

Stage 2: Waypoints 09 to 10
GMP Designation: Perseus Stem
Codex Region: Izanami​

Cerulean Tranquility to the Morphenniel Nebula
Approx. Direct Distance: 3,191 LYs

To see on the way;

The Zinnia Haze – GalMap Ref: Hypuae Briae LC-U e3-152
Hydrangea Nebula – GalMap Ref: Hyuqeae MT-Q e5-4335
Magnus Nebula – GalMap Ref: Hypuae Briae YQ-Z c28-339
Neighbouring Necklaces – GalMap Ref: Vegnoae BK-R d4-1105

Minor POI’s (off-route);

Undine Haven – GalMap Ref: Phroi Bluae LS-B d13-744
The Briar Patch Nebula – GalMap Ref: Hypuae Briae BV-Y e3851
Infinite Bonds – GalMap Ref: Hypuae Briae YF-E d12-2760
Eos Nebula – GalMap Ref: Vegnoae WE-R e4-9257

To navigate around on the way;

The Bleia Permit Zone

Travel Advisory: The Bleia Permit Zone covers 5 large sectors of the Perseus Stem.

If route plotting fails commanders will need to look for passable sectors skirting around, above, or below these restricted sectors in order to reach the Morphenniel Nebula.

Arrive at;

★ Morphenniel Nebula – GalMap Ref: Phraa Byoe SB-B d14-1043
Basecamp: “Mors Pit” Bleethuae NI-B D674
Planet/Moon : 2 D A
Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -28.177 / -177.98 (BioSite #1)
Radius (KM) : 424
Surface Gravity : 0.05
Geological Activity : Silicate Vapour Geysers


Cmdr Chuffa

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