Distant Worlds 2 – Day 77 – Journey to Way Point 9

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Phroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454
Distance from Sol – 34239.32lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 31064.1lys
Distance travelled – 145828.2lys
Jumps – 2016

A much more casual week this time with the minor PoIs being close together. Starting out with a couple black holes and a Neutron Star. This set the journey up quite well.

The Remnants Trio
Schee Bli AA-A h300

All three remnant star types in one very small space. This system also has a ringed white dwarf.

Discovered by CMDR Taen (source).

From there onto another Neutron Star with a pair of earth likes. Always a pleasure to see them but a very stark reminder we are a long way from home.

Gaesous Twins
Braisoea UQ-C d13-6108

A neutron star system with a binary pair of earth like worlds.
Reference: Link

I quickly moved onto the Nebula leg of the journey, visiting 3 in quick succession only broken by a black hole in a nebula which can for the patient capture some beautiful images.

Arach Nebula
Lyaisae PJ-Y c14-472

Planetary nebula with a neutron star core.
Reference: Link
Iris’ Missive
Lasoae BF-A f810

During the Perseus Survey this Black Hole was discovered next to a Green/Blue Planetary Nebula. The close position (approx. 7Ly) between these two stellar features creates a gorgeous view. It reveals a wonderful irisation that cannot be seen inside the Planetary Nebula. Mixt from Blue, Green and Purple, the gradient creates an amazing rainbow.
Reference: Link

Blue Rhapsody Nebula
Lyaisua SJ-Z e7708

Basecamp: Hazy Basin
Body: (moon) 4 A
Surface Gravity: 0.26 G
Coords: 62.83, -163.02

A planetary nebula 5,587 lightyears away from Sagittarius A*, between the Galactic Core and the Perseus Stem portion of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. A large supernova remnant, with varying shades of purple and blue.

Forgotten Twins Nebula
Brairee KD-S e4-2776

A point of interest that little is known about in a region of space that is sparse in recorded data.
The only archived information for this location is as follows…
“While on the Distant Worlds 3302 Expedition, the Eleu Exploration Vessel Velsheda came across this beautiful double nebula while in transit from the Green Crystal to the Magnus Nebula.”

I arrived in Dances with Giants with the high hopes my timing would be just right for the commonly taken sun rise though sadly my luck was out. I did manage to capture the aura of the planets as it eclipsed the sun which makes it equally beautiful.

Dances with Giants
GHypoe Bluae VP-O e6-8688

Planets A 1 and A 2 of this star system are twin gas giants in a binary orbit with an orbital period of just 0.5D. They orbit one another so closely, that CMDR’s who visit them will be treated to an amazing view of them both.
Additionally for CMDR’s who are prepared to wait and position themselves behind the more distant gas giant, they will be treated to a double sunrise when the main star shines through between them both. A must see for any traveler yearning for stellar sights while passing through this region of space.
GMP post
Additional images

Cerulean Tranquility
GPhroi Bluae QI-T e3-3454

A planetary nebula 8,400 lightyears away from Sagittarius A*, along the Perseus Stem portion of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. Light blue skies surrounding a neutron star system make for some spectacular environmental views.

And that was it for this weeks journey, less rush, more awwww and now on the ground waiting for our next destination. We are now on the verge of the Aphelion where I believe we will stay sometime to map the area and then onto the Abyss. All exciting times!

Fly Safe!!

Cmdr Chuffa

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