Distant Worlds 2 – Onward to Waypoint 8

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Stuemeae RS-U b2-126
Distance from Sol – 25885.1lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 39401.7lys
Distance travelled – 112380.5lys
Jumps – 1694

Simple repost of the information from the main thread here

Stage 2: Waypoints 07 to 08
GMP Designation: Galactic Bar
Codex Region: Galactic Centre

Sagittarius A* to Goliath’s RestApprox. Direct Distance: 7,457 LYs

To see on the way;

Phua Aub Nebula Cluster;
Phua Aub Archer Beta – GalMap Ref: Phua Aub VY-S e3-3899
Phua Aub Archer Epsilon – GalMap Ref: Phua Aub MX-U e2-7396
Phua Aub Archer Kappa – GalMap Ref: Phua Aub SJ-R e4-8234
Crown Of Ice – GalMap Ref: Phipoea WK-E d12-1374
Silver Highway – GalMap Ref: Phipoea HJ-D c27-5254
Dark Eye Nebula – GalMap Ref: Rothaei SI-B e2047
Braisio Juliet Nebula Cluster – GalMap Ref: Braisio FR-V e2-293
Breakthrough Echoes – GalMap Ref: Rhuedgie KN-T e3-721

Minor POIs (off-route);

Hengist Nebula – GalMap Ref: Juenae OX-U e2-8852
GRS 1739-278 – GalMap Ref: GRS 1739-278
Karkina Nebula – GalMap Ref: Eok Bluae GX-K d8-1521
G2 Dust Cloud – GalMap Ref: G2 Dust Cloud Sector JH-V c2-2851
Stairway To Heaven – GalMap Ref: Dryau Chrea DB-F d11-3866
Black Giants Nebula – GalMap Ref: Eorl Broae EB-O e6-1507
Lyaisae Juliet Nebula Cluster – GalMap Ref: Lyaisae HA-A e3363

Arrive at;

★ Goliath’s Rest – GalMap Ref: Swoals IL-Y e0

Basecamp: “Hades Edge”Swoals IL-Y e0
Planet/Moon : B 1
Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 59.5882 / -55.9190
Radius (KM) : 4,183 KM
Surface Gravity : 1.41 (Gravity Warning)
Geological Activity : None

Advisory: Commanders flying sub-45 LY starships will need resources for a minimum of 20 J1 or J2 Jumponium FSD Injections for the trip from Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 to Goliath’s Rest, and back again.

Upon reaching Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22, the advised route to Goliath’s Rest (avoiding White Dwarfs) is as follows;

Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22
Hypiae Phyloi NC-B D1-22
Hypiae Phyloi ZJ-C C2-1
Swoals GA-A E19
Swoals LY-U C2-0
Swoals VM-W D1-19
Swoals PL-Y D2
Swoals PL-Y D3
Swoals JT-T C3-0 (Neutron Star: neutron jump is not required here)
Swoals RW-W D1-3 (Neutron Star: neutron jump is not required here)
Swoals RW-W D1-2 (Neutron Star: neutron jump or 79 LY Jumpoium boost is required here)
Swoals IL-Y e0 (Goliath’s Rest – Primary is a Neutron Star)

Locating the ‘Hades Edge’ basecamp;

This waypoint world has no geological activity, therefore commanders will have to use manual navigation to locate the surface coordinates of the Hades Edge landing zone.

For commanders flying sub-45 LY starships with no Jumponium, you will be unable to reach Goliath’s Rest.

Therefore please consider the ‘Lower Hades Edge’ basecamp on Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 as your WP8 stopover point;

  • Alternative Basecamp: “Lower Hades Edge”
  • Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22
  • Planet/Moon : A 2
  • Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 23.675 / -113.437 (GeoSite #2)
  • Radius (KM) : 7,499 KM
  • Surface Gravity : 1.50 (Gravity Warning)
  • Geological Activity : Silicate Vapour Geysers


Cmdr Chuffa

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