Distant Worlds 2 – Onward to Way Point 6

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Boewnst MN-S c20-117
Distance from Sol – 17615.85lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 49049.9lys
Distance travelled – 67876.9lylys
Jumps – 1202

Simple repost of the information from the main thread here 

Stage 2: Waypoints 05 to 06
GMP Designation: Near 3kpc Arm
Codex Region: Empyrean Straits

Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost to Dryau AwesomesApprox. Direct Distance: 6,663 LYsApprox. Route Distance: 10,316 LYs

To see on the way;

Phiaanor – GalMap Ref: Dryao Aoscs FW-W e1-5865
Ocularis Coelum – GalMap Ref: Mylaifa AA-A h786
Fosforon – GalMap Ref: Leamiae LS-T e3-3317 (view from Leamiae WK-N D7-7617)
Pink Flame Nebula – GalMap Ref: Eok Pruae RO-R e4-2481
Cloverfield Planetary Nebula – GalMap Ref: Eok Pruae PI-S e4-2295 (view from
Eok Pruae UF-Q C21-226)

Minor POIs (off-route);

Jade Ghost Stellar Remnant – GalMap Ref: Byoi Ain WE-R e4-913
Ebony and Ivory – GalMap Ref: Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744
Gardens of Shangri-La – GalMap Ref: Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870
The Gloaming – GalMap Ref: Eoch Pri FB-W e2-5646
Fleur-de-Lis Nebula – GalMap Ref: Dryaa Pruae BG-X d1-1087
The ‘Neutron’ Nebula – GalMap Ref: Dryaa Pruae GG-Y e5180

Arrive at;

★ The Dryau Awesomes – GalMap Ref: Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390

Basecamp: “Aloros Ravine”Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390
Planet/Moon : AB 2 B
Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -10.656 / -67.896 (near GeoSite #2)
Radius (KM) : 885Surface
Gravity : 0.05
Geological Activity : Water Geysers

Departure from Polo Harbour marks the end of Stage 1.

Stage 2: Building the Galactic Core Starport and discovering secrets at the heart of the galaxy.

Stage 2 will offer new challenges as we begin to leave the last human outposts far behind, in addition some of the optional points of interest along the Stage 2 route may be in locations requiring large jump ranges, and/or the use of neutron boosts if you want to visit them!

The main goal of this stage though will be to complete the 2nd stage of the community goal at the very heart of the galaxy when we arrive at WP7 in a couple of weeks time. After which the fleet will continue to explore the core, and gradually make its way out toward the far side.

Fleet attrition will most likely begin to bite during this stage, as was the case with DW1, many commanders see Sagittarius A as an adequate goal in which to call it a day – and this is perfectly fine – DW2 will be no different!


Cmdr Chuffa

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