Distant Worlds 2 – Onward to Way Point 5

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Crookoa ZK-N b8-14
Distance from Sol 13120.49lys
Distance to Beagle Point – 53531.9lys
Distance travelled – 53668.2lys
Jumps – 963

Simple repost of the information from the main thread here 

Stage 1: Waypoints 04 to 05
GMP Designation: The Sidereal Wall
Codex Region: Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm

  • Llyn Tegid Nebula to Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost
  • Approx. Direct Distance: 4,589 LYs
  • Approx. Route Distance: 9,992 LYs

To see on the way;

Minor POIs (off-route);

Arrive at;

  • Basecamp: “Polo Harbour Planetary Outpost”
  • Boewnst KS-S c20-959
  • Planet/Moon : A 2 A
  • Planetary Outpost Coordinates : 62.753 / 48.669
  • Radius (KM) : 2197
  • Surface Gravity : 0.28
  • Geological Activity : None

From here there is an optional excursion to Colonia.

Polo Harbour lies about 4,800 LYs from Colonia, and this will be the closest the expedition will be to the outer colony before our route takes us into the Empyrean Straits of the Near 3kpc Arm. The next WP will be coreward, so those who want to visit Colonia while the fleet is at Polo Harbour should take this opportunity to do so.

Historical note: Shortly after the first Distant Worlds Expedition of 3302, Jaques the Cyborg called upon the fuel rats to help him attempt to hyperjump his Starport to Beagle Point, in recognition of what the DWE3302 fleet had achieved. A malfunction during the transit caused the Starport to mis-jump, and end up in the Eol Prou Nebula, where it was subsequentlydiscovered by CMDR Cly in late June of 3302.

Over the following weeks an initiative instigated by Olivia Vespera saw a large civilian effort get underway to help bring the stricken starport back online. Eventually humanities first outer colony was born as hundreds of commanders made their way to Jaques Station and settled in the Eol Prou area.

In July 3302, the name ‘Colonia’ was submitted to the GMP by CMDR Diocles Asterous as an ‘unofficial’ candidate name for the Eol Prou Nebula. On October 26th 3302 Universal Cartographics officially accepted the name ‘Colonia’ for the system where Jaques Starport resides to this day.


Cmdr Chuffa

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