Distant Worlds 2 – Day 12 – Anemones Botany Tour

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from HD 172275
Distance from Sol – 4235.9ly
Distance to Beagle Point – 61448.4lys
Distance travelled – 11912.8lys
Jumps – 199

Having spent the best part of the week helping out on the successful community goal I needed to find something else to do. The organisation of the DW2 expedition has so far been exceptional. Plans had been put in place for activities around this way point so I decided to embark on the exploration route Anemones Botany Tour.

Byua Euq EG-Y e41 B 3 A
Croceus Anemones

First up was the Croceus Anemones in Byua Euq EG-Y e41.

Traikaae CR-N e6-1 5 D
Roseus Anemones

Next in Traikaae CR-N e6-1 were the Roseus Anemone

PW2010 112 ABCD 2
Roseus Bio-luminescent Anemones

In PW2010 112 I was eventually treated to the remarkably beautiful Roseus Bio-luminescent Anemones, I was somewhat hindered by the high gravity (2.55g) not having practice too much but with careful use of the flight assist on/off method we got on the ground.

PW2010 138 CD 1 A
Blattinus / Blateum Bio-luminescent Anemones

PW2010 138 and the Blattinus Anemones was worth the journey just for the holiday snap with the rings of a nearby Planet.

PW2010 210 A 4 A
Rubens Bio-luminescent Anemones

PW2010 210 revealed another bio-luminescent pumpkin, the Rubens Bio-luminescent Anemones again had to be seen to be believed.

PW2010 299 4 A
Luteus Anemones

Finally onto PW2010 299 which finished the short route of the tour and the Luteus Anemones waited majestically to finish the album. It was time now to make some decisions head back to the mining station and hang out in space bars till the release of way point 3 or head onwards to finish the set, with 6 down and 2 to go even with the additional 4000ly trip it felt like a no brainer.

Bleae Eurk FG-Y g2 A 1 (1.81g Planet)
Puniceum Anemones

When I arrived at Bleae Eurk FG-Y g2 I was comforted to find another commander had braved the high g as well as taking in the sights. I convince this fellow space bum that the last anemone would be worth the trip so after a careful launch we headed of to HD 172275 from where I am reporting now. Thinking we were just going to find a few glowing pumpkins we merrily jumped and chatted even taking the time find a few unclaimed Water and Ammonia worlds.

A final surprise

We jumped into HD 172275 only to be confronted by a system with 3 black holes. Not being able to miss a good photo opportunity we hung out next to the nearest one until fear of getting sucked in took hold and with only a few ls left to travel we soon touched down on the dark side of the moon.

Just making sure! One of 3 Black Holes

Spoilt by another glowing pumpkin there was only time to punch the coordinates back into the navigation computer ready for the trip back to way point 2. All round this has been an amazing trip, such beautiful sights and only at the end of week 2. I think I will be paying close attention to these extra curricular trips as the weeks go on.

HD 172275 ABC 2 a
Prasinus Bio-luminescent Anemones

I wonder what the rest of the expedition has in store.

Fly safe Commanders.

Cmdr Chuffa

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