Distant Worlds 2 – Final hours to launch

DW2 – 3305

Reporting from Kuk
Distance from Sol – 74.11lys
Distance to Waypoint 1 – 0lys
Distance travelled – 0lys
Jumps – 0

Well with little over 30hrs left till launch, my ‘conda is ready and have enough materials to keep me going for some time I’m still messing around with the idea of packing a mining laser let alone whether I’m going to keep some cargo space and collection limpets. I do lose a few lys of jump range but really not significant enough to be concerened. Be interesting to hear someones thoughts…

For those still unsure of the kick off I guess the final details are as follows from the main DW2 thread :-

Distant Worlds 2 will be a multi-platform event, covering the PCXBox, and PS4. Players are also free to participate in Open PlaySolo, or their own Private Group. There will be an official Private Group for some events, this is FleetComm, but joining FleetComm is not essential and players are encouraged to create their own PGs if they prefer not to play in Open, or Solo, and can’t gain access to FC. Full details on the console team, modes of play, and how to apply to FleetComm PG can be found on the Expedition Sign-Up thread (posts#1 and post#2).

The expedition will launch from the Distant Worlds 3302 Tourist Beacon in Pallaeni (Waypoint 1) on January 13th 3305.

Waypoint departure times are as follows (subject to change):

  • 20:00 UTC Sunday 13th Jan – this is mainly aimed at those in Europe.
  • 01:00 UTC Monday 14th Jan – this is mainly aimed at those in the USA.
  • 10:00 UTC Monday 14th Jan – this is mainly aimed at those in Oceania.

You are of course free to attend any of the launch events that best suits your gametime. Launches will be across all platforms (PC, XBOX, PS4), and whatever game-mode you’re doing DW in (Open, PG, Solo).

Fly safe commanders!

Cmdr Chuffa

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