0145,0194,0195 – Various – Cemiess

The Emperor’s passion for the arts and very high standards of living saw a rapid population increase in Imperial systems. Massive migration from independent, Galcop and Federation worlds saw an accompanying increase in prosperity. To deal with the rapid rise in population across many worlds, the Empire began terraforming of Cemiess 2 in 3080. This put paid to Federal ambitions in the system. A colonial charter had been established since 3055, but lack of funds had prevented any expansion. The act of approving the Imperial settlement proved to be the last of Gaylen Trasken Duval who dies shortly afterwards, he was 109 years of age.
In 3022, Raul Santorini became Governor of Tau Ceti and through his Corporate connections, controlled the system’s congressional seat. Santorini, nicknamed ‘Proxmire’ due to an obscure historical reference, was one of the very few Federal politicians to achieve significant interstellar status. He achieved substantial popularity during his early tenure as Governor by winning a significant tax rebate for the system from Congress, but also championed deep cuts in the Federal Nacy and throughout government, remaining as governor for an astonishing 76 years up until his assassination in 3098.
In 3098 Governor Santorini of Tau Ceti, was assassinated. The Federal press pinned the blame on the Empire, citing several quotes form ‘Proxmire’ Santorini’s speeches that would make him an Imperial target. Unusually, the Emperor chose to make a personal rebuttal of the accusation. Nevertheless, three years later Imperial colonists escorted by Imperial warships, settled on Emerald in the Cemiess system. The Federation responded by sending Admiral O’Brien with a task force, who also dropped a military force onto the planet. Over the next thirty years, both sides backed local forces (with occasional direct naval confrontation) to gain control of the planet and the system, though ultimately Imperial defenders prevailed with the Empire basing the VI Fleet in the system. O’Brien’s efforts were popularised in the fictional holo-vid series “O’Brien’s War”.

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