0149-0150,0155,0234 – Various – Facece

In 3104 a permanent military training base was established on Peter’s Wreck in the Facece system. Facece had always been known for its strong support and commitment to training the Empire’s finest, but the dedicated base signalled a new fervour for military renewal. This renewal was tested when in 3114, the scientists of Nesbitt Landing in Alioth began demonstrating substantial innovations in robotic manufacture and production.
Hender Saik Duval took the throne quietly. Ascending at the age of twenty two, he was the youngest to attain the throne. The new Emperor was a cautious man and his initial action on the political stage reflected this. The development of the Imperial Courier in 3145, the first Imperially funded ship design (designed without to much regard to cost) to appear in several hundred years prompted a large scale effort of renewal that had started with the establishment of the Facece Military Academy in 3104. Ship trials the previous year had suggested the Courier would exceed expectations and so further finance was ploughed into the area of spaceship design.
In 3283, Anders Blaine, Senator of Facece was secretly invited to Achenar. It was clear, Hengist Duval’s interest in politics had waned. Blaine was made Chancellor by Imperial decree.
The Imperial Diplomatic Coprs (or IDC) reports to the Senate. Officially it operates embassies in most foreign sysems, but the IDC has far-reaching powers too and unlike other police units has jurisdiction throughout the Empire. It can support Senators and Ambassadors abroad. The Ambassadors are the visible members of the IDC; high-ranking Imperial officials usually reporting directly to a specific Senator with an interest in their area, but also reporting directly to the Senate. Each Ambassador has a significant staff and budget to project Imperial influence. This staff is said to include secret agents that operate covertly within foreign powers and corporations, but reporting back ultimaterly to the Ambassadors, then on to the Senate.

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