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The origins of the Empire date back to the colonisation of the Achenar system in the middle of the 23rd century. Marlin Duval was a wealthy woman from Earth, who, disenchanted with their administration and authorities, set off with her own colonising fleet to Achenar 6d because it was so far from Earth. Her leadership ended abruptly when her brother Henson oversaw a flying ‘accident’ in which she perished. The democratic government changed abruptly to one of strict imperial rule and from then on the family assumed leadership. Female children in the family were prevented with genetic techniques, such was the hatred of Marlin Duval’s principles and vision of a world in peace. This restriction was gradually phased out over the years, but the succession of Emperors has remained along the male line until recently.
Achenar drew the irritation of the Federation at the start of 2323, when reports reached Earth that the colonists had wiped out a sentient race on the planet. This, coupled with the refusal of Achenar to become a member, caused the Federation to send a battle group to take control of the system by force. The fleet eventually arrived in the Achenar system at the start of 2324. Gathered intelligence meant the Imperial forces ambushed the Federal forces as they jumped into the system. What they hadn’t predicted was the enemy to use their pack hunting formation against them.
For the rest of 2324. Federation ships tried to establish a beach head in the furthest reaches of the system, but with no breathable atmosphere amongst the far planets, they struggled to maintain for the war effort. / Eventually in 2325 Henson Duval decided Federal forces had been weakened sufficiently to strike. Achenar’s own small fleet was mobilised, the Duval family commandeering nearly every vessel in the system to fall upon the weakened Federal forces where they clustered on the edge of the system. This became know as the Great Battle of Liberation.
At the end of the war, in the great palace of the Duvals on Capitol, Henson Duval ordered a great hall to be filled with obsidian pillars. These unadorned blocks of black stone represent each brave soul who has died for Achenar. Sixteen thousand and thrity two pillars were constructed for its opening in 2381. this tomb remains underneath the Imperial palace on Capitol. The highest memorial for an Imperial citizen is to be entombed in the Hall. It is rumoured that some of the later martyrs were encased in their stones alive…
Gaylen Trasken Duval’s first act as Emperor, was to expand the Imperial palace on Capitol, transforming the building into the glowing pink glass structure we know today. To complete his vision, the Emperor hired thousands of the galaxy’s best designers and architects to work on the structure. The result is one of the great manufactured interstellar marvels of our age.
In 3233, Hengist Duval ascended to the throne. His coronation, broadcast throughout the Empire, gave the impression of a serene transition. However, behind the veneer lay tensions. The Imperial Senate had gained considerable power in the last years of Hesketh’s reign. The first decade of Hengist’s rule was tense as the new Emperor struggled to assert himself and repopulate his court with individuals he considered personally loyal.
The Line of the Duvals \ Marlin Duval \ Henson Duval (2320 – 2402) \ Saik Duval (2402 – 2483) \ Trasken Duval (2483 – 2541) \ Hennick Duval (2541 – 2604) \ Lucius Duval (2604 – 2684) \ Anders Duval (2684 – 2739) \ Hender Duval (2739 – 2799) \ Trasken Duval II (2799 – 2858) \ Trasken Duval III (2858 – 2943) \ Olban Hensard Duval (2943 – 2991) \ Gaylen Trasken Duval (2991 – 3061) \ Atticus Obellan Duval (3061 – 3132) \ Hender Saik Duval (3132 – 3182) \ Hesketh Duval (3182 – 3233) \ Hengist Duval (3233 – 3301) \ Arrisa Lavigny-Duval (3301 – present)
Tourists, once they have amassed the documents required to visit the Achenar system, flock to see the Emperor’s palace on Capitol. The building is a vast structure of a pink glass-like material which shimmers in the sun and glows as it re-emits the energy at night. Foreign visitors are welcomed by palace staff who use subtle pro-Empire propaganda in an attempt tp undermine the Federation. This greeting is not extended outside the palace grounds, where a person with a Federation accent is met with scorn unless money can be made out of them. The accent of the Empire has evolved out of Achenarians trying to mock the standard Federation diction by accentuating certain vowels. To the foreigner their speech sounds rather like a whine.

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