Distant World 2 – A Journey of Discovery

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Main Forum thread – Distant World 2 – A journey of discovery

So with all the excitement of the changes in 3.3 the final details are currently being release  for the distant world expedition. Having missed the original distant worlds expedition  back in 3302 (think 2016) which turned out to be one of the more talked about and memorable community events I had made a conscious decision to join the next one whenever that maybe. 

So with the Horizons DLC in full swing the team behind the original expedition announced they were going to do it again once Chapter 4 of Horizons had been released. So having eagerly awaited this I have now committed to tagging along which given the number of unexplored systems, 4000+ commanders and many thousands of LY’s to cover with events along the way including the building of a new deep station somewhere near SAG* A has the potential to be a cracker.

If you wish to join the expedition then the main sign up thread can be found below and the expedition launches on 13th January 3305 from Pallaeni, there are a number of social media channels where the expedition can be followed if you wanted to stay in the bubble….






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