0163,196 – Arexack Tourist Beacons – Arexack

The Church of Kum-Byar is a zealot faith in the Arexack system. A civil war between two sects of the church raged for more than one hundred years before an uneasy truce was called in 2361. The religious values of the church are austerity and the removal of all body hair.
In 3126, the Federal media’s attention turned to the Arexack system. Zack Blackbeam, the interstellar celebrity, socialite and playboy staged a holoprohected light show in the system, called ‘The Coming of Kum Byar’. Tens of millions of Federal citizens watched as the naive monks of the hermit like settlements were taken in by the spectacle and led to believe they would be prevented from ‘ascending to the Highest Level of Paradise’, owing to the ‘displeasing shave’ of their leader His Magnificence the Right Holy Ssord Rettu III. The comic farce quickly became serious when Rettu’s acolytes assassinated him live on interstellar television and the system descended into a violent, religious, civil war.

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