0009 – Ammonia Rings – Aucoks OH-D B18-3

Needing to clean through the Anaconda’s engines I was ready for a slightly longer journey, plotting a course for Aucoks OH-D B18-3 to see these Ammonia Rings for myself. Travelling 1891.47ly from Sol as suggest by Cmdr Arkadi Kreven and engines clean I think it was worth the journey.

0009 - Ammonia Rings - Aucoks OH-D B18-3
This rare treasure of an ammonia planet with a ring system was suggested by Commander Arkadi Kreven.

After such a long journey was time to rest up and being so close to Hillary Depot in Blu Thua AI-A c14-10 and the first station on the highway to Colonia it would have been rude to have not parked up.

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