0305 – Chick Ek Visitor Beacon – Chick Ek

As I jumped into Chick Ek I received details of wedding barge where a lovely couple were making their nuptial’s, complaining of engine trouble I was able to scam a free lunch, plenty of booze but due to an incident with my tongue, an ice sculpture and a rather unfortunate language barrier I was removed immediately to continue on my journey.

0305 - Chick Ek Visitor Beacon - Chick Ek
In this binary pair of planets there is one of two water worlds that can be found in this system. They are a popular destination for celestial tourists and scientists alike.

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0436 – Ngbatobii Visitor Beacon – Ngbatobii

Thank goodness I was calm when I jumped into this system, residents seemed to be in some sort of conflict and I had to pass though a number of checkpoints. Fortunatly I was able to get some directions and head the 68,522ls to the visitors beacon.

0436 - Ngbatobii Visitor Beacon - Ngbatobii
This system enjoys several planetary wonders for space tourists to visit, but perhaps the jewel in their crown is this ammonia world.

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0435 – Ngardinja Visitor Beacon – Ngardinja

R & R complete at Graham City was an early start to head to Ngardinja which isn’t so far from Sol (119.82Ly), enjoyed a manicure and a very relaxing massage. Oh and it seems the engineer has solved the squeak for now…


0435 - Ngardinja Visitor Beacon - Ngardinja
Visitors to this terraformed outdoor world can expect to relax in luxurious natural health spas and participate in a wide range of sports that they offer.

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0457 – Quince Visitors Beacon – Quince

Well after my expensive visit to HD 148937 it was time to get back to the bubble. I’d say the outdoors is overrated with my now sparkly clean cockpit I’d rather stay in here with the fresh smell of pine from the much needed air freshener.

0457 - Quince Visitor Beacon - Quince
Binary planets are always fun places to visit, such as in this case, before you head on to the outdoor world to sample the delights there.

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0039 – Strong G – HD 148937

Well damn it, well over 9g on this purple hell planet. It was brown trouser time immediately and there was me thinking the last planet was hairy! Sadly this scan and failed landing cost an escape pod so nothing for the family album.

0036 - Strong G - HD 148937
This huge planet in a system with multiple stars, providing once-in-a-lifetime vistas, was suggested by Commander Red Anders. This destination is definitely one for the adventure tourists. The less experienced should be careful of the planet’s strong gravity!

Wherever Cmdr Red Anders is he needs to get over here now with his scrubbing brush and help me clean this cockpit!