Sol – Tourist beacons

Getting round these has kept me busy, thankfully not all systems have so many. I believe there are more to find  as for now I am on the hunt for the  first series which means I need to come home at some point but for now it’s time to leave the systems and get into the black….


0087 - Cradle of Humanity
The planet Earth is the cradle of humanity. As such it has experienced times of terrible destruction, through war and ecological disaster. Since the 22nd century humanity has expanded from its hime into the stars, and with much of the damage the planet’s ecosphere had suffered has since been repaired. The planet is now a popular travel destination and is a lush and vibrant world.


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That’s the thing with a universe which has 400 Billion stars, where to begin. My original spawn point back on release in 2014 was an innocuous system called HIP 74255. It’s been a long road since and with the final chapter of ‘The Return’ just on the horizon it really was time to start to document some of my misadventures.

For now though we must choose a new beginning so Earth is where our journey will begin.